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  • No-shows will not receive a refund for that day.

  • Vendor stall assignments will be given on site during load-in, 8-9:30am. When you arrive, check in with Deedee and she will tell you where to go. Vendors will have 15-20 minutes to unload and get their vehicle off the lot. 

  • Vendors will not be able to set up on the lot after 9:30 am. If you arrive after 9:30 am, you will lose your spot that day.


  • There is a single vendor entrance and exit for load in and load out. Vendors must arrive into the market via the east entrance to the Settergren's Parking Lot on 43rd St. This entrance is marked Exit for market purposes. Staff will be able to direct you to your stall. Do not come through the alley nor park in the alley. See map below.


  • Vendors exit the market during load in and load out via the 43rd Street exits.​ In the exact way in which they arrived. See map below.

  • Tent weights are required 100% of the time. There is absolutely no excuse for not weighting your tent adequately. VENDORS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE MARKET WITHOUT THEM. We require a minimum of 10lbs per tent leg. Vendors are financially responsible for the loss of another vendor's product or any injuries due to inadequate tent weights. We like these >>


  • We create a dynamic market place and there may be multiple vendors selling a similar product on the same day. This allows for customer choice and provides a sales environment more akin to what an up-and-coming producer may experience in a retail setting.


  • Our market meets every Sunday, rain or shine. Unless the managers cancel the market due to extreme weather conditions, vendors will not be issued a refund for rainy weather.


  • In the case of inclement weather (thunderstorm with lightening and high winds) you will be notified of a market delay or early closing. Please do not contact us, we will contact you. 

  • Customer parking is at a premium. We require that vendors park a minimum of two blocks away and on the street. No parking for vendors in the alley way or in the church parking lots ever. We know this is an imposition, but your customers will thank you with greater sales. ​​​The market and Settergren's reserve the right to tow, and we do without notification to sellers. 

  • Sellers must provide their own electrical extension cords. These must be commercial quality, waterproof and at least 100 feet. ​We like these cords >>

  • Vendors must provide their own duct tape to secure cords over pedestrian pathways. Vendors are required to tape down their own cords. Market management will not do this for you.

  • Electricity can be very limited. Please note, our market team does not take responsibility or offer reparations in situations where electricity becomes unavailable.

  • Cold water is only available onsite in most cases. Hot water for hand washing stations must be brought from home. We encourage sellers to provide their own water in most cases.

  • There is no wi-fi available onsite, but some sellers are able to tap into the Xfinity offering, if using that mobile carrier.





The below items are approved for both wholesale and retail sale. Products not listed must receive advance approval from the market manager.

• Fresh fruits and vegetables, grown locally.
• Meat, dairy, and eggs if produced locally, and prepared and packaged in accordance with rules established by the

Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and the Minnesota Department of Health and under guidelines as set by Minnesota State Statute 28A. For more information on this and other operational guidelines, go to the MN Department of Agriculture’s website.

• Herbs grown locally.
• Honey, maple syrup and preserves, if prepared and packaged in accordance with rules established by the Minnesota

Department of Agriculture.
• Cut flowers, bedding plants, hanging and potted plants, if grown by the vendor.
• Dried flowers or plants grown by the vendor.
• Cooked or prepared foods, as long as they meet the requirements laid out under MN Rule 4626.
• Bakery goods prepared in a licensed bakery or under guidelines as set by Minnesota State Statute 28A.


All items must be prepared, displayed and stored in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Minnesota Department of Health guidelines, and Hennepin County Community Health Department Guidelines. For more information, go to MN Department of Agriculture’s website.

All producers of processed/packaged food items (jams, jellies, syrups, breads, etc.) are required to adhere to labeling law requirements, items sold must comply with Minnesota State Statute 28A.

Produce sold as certified organic must have originated from a USDA certified organic farm.

All items should be sold by bulk, bundle, case or individual item. Items sold by weight units of measurement require a Minnesota State Certified Scale. Market staff reserves the right to inspect crops and food production areas.



• All vendors must have insurance. Each vendor must have at least $1,000,000 of general liability insurance and must submit a certificate of insurance. Low cost insurance for growers* can be found at the Minnesota Farmers Market Association Vendor Insurance page. Vendors must be paid members of the Minnesota Farmers Market Association to participate in this program. *Concessionaires (e.g. ready-to-eat foods on-site) are not eligible for this program.

• Vendors may carry product liability insurance as a rider on their farm/home insurance policy.
• For more information on insurance, please see the Minnesota Farmers Market Association Vendor Insurance page.


  • Due to our in-demand space, we adhere to following policy:

    • If the stall has been reserved, any stall vacated for a period of one Sunday, without written LHFM permission, shall be deemed abandoned and forfeited by vendor without restitution, refund or reuse.

    • Any stall vacated without prior notice, will be charged the full rental amount for the day.

  • Stall location is determined by the market manager, and subject to change at any time during the season.

  • Vehicles are NOT permitted in vending space after 9:30AM unless approved by market manager.

  • Vendors must provide all tables, hand washing stations, sanitation, weights, canopies, and other items needed for their stall. This includes electrical cords and power strips. Most items are available for sale at Settergren's Hardware on site. 

  • Tents and canopies must be weighted at all times with at least 10LBS per tent leg. No stakes in tarmac or grass.

  • Restrooms are available at Dunn Bros Coffee or inside Settergren's Ace Hardware (only after 10AM). 

  • All trash and water must be carried out. 



  • Vendors will be given a specific time to start setting up. Please do not come before or after your assigned time. A market coordinator will be at the market location to assist vendors.

  • All retail vendors must be ready to sell at 10AM.

  • Sales can occur before 10AM, and are at the sellers discretion.  

  • Vendors not on site by 9:30AM will be asked to leave and will forfeit their stall fee for that day. 

  • All vendors must remain until the market closes at 1PM.

  • All vendors must be off site by 2PM. 

  • There will be NO moving vehicles in the market area after 9:30AM and during market hours.

  • Vendors must remove all waste materials including grey water, paper, bags, boxes or customer debris upon departure. No

    waste or grey water is to be deposited onsite.


  • Violation of these policies in excess of two times are grounds for termination and loss of privilege and fees paid to the market.

  • Vendors are not allowed to have pets/animals in the market area, unless approved by the market manager.

  • Consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in the market area, unless approved by the market manager.

  • All vendors must keep their area neat while selling and make certain that the area is clean before leaving. No vendor trash or water may be dumped on site. All must be carried out by the seller. 

  • All vendors must represent themselves appropriately (dress, cleanliness, etc.) Shirts and footwear must be worn at all times.

  • Market will occur in rain or shine, vendors are required to attend regardless of weather.

  • Any vendor, who is not complying with the market rules and policies may be asked to leave, the vendor, in turn, may petition

    the market coordinator to be re-admitted.

  • Any required sales tax collections and remittances are the sole responsibility of the sellers.

  • If a booth, canopy, or other item of vendor causes a safety concern, LHFM may require the vendor to remove the unsafe


  • All vendors agree to abide by fair business practices.

  • Vendor assumes full liability for the products they market or sell and hereby agrees to hold the Linden Hills Farmers’ Market,

    and the business and property owners where LHFM is located harmless against any claim of injury or damage by any buyer,

    seller, or other persons resulting from the use, consumption, disposition, display or marketing of vendor’s products.

  • The Linden Hills Farmers Market is not liable for any injury, theft, or damage to either buyers or vendors arising out of/or

    pertaining to preparation for/or participation in the Farmers Market whether such injury, theft, or damage occurred prior, during, or after the Farmers Market. Vendor further agrees to indemnify and hold the Linden Hills Farmers Market and the business and property owners where LHFM is located harmless against any claims for such injury, theft, or damage.

  • Any perceived and/or actual vendor behavior on site that may be charged either criminally and/or civilly under Minnesota State Statute will result in immediate termination. Behaviors, include but are not limited to; theft, threats of violence, stalking, or any person-based victim crimes. This policy applies to vendors and/or affiliated staff and/or their associated guests.

  • Price, terms of sale, etc. are solely between buyer and vendor. 

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