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  • How do I vend with the Linden Hills Farmers' Market?
    It's a simple to step process, first you apply by completing this form >> Once approved, you will then register using this form >> We are always reviewing applications, and there is currently not a deadline to vend with us. We would suggest that you apply and register early on, as some of our dates do sell out.
  • Why do I need insurance? Where do I get insurance?
    Insurance helps protect you in situations where an accident occurs during the course of your sale day or in a truly unfortunate situation where your foods make someone sick. Personal and business liability insurance for your food business can be had through your current insurance carrier (think: auto, renters or home), or through the FLIP Insurance Program. Lots of vendors use the Minnesota Farmer's Market Association's policy. There is lots more info online >>. Yes, even craft vendors need to have insurance. Many art/craft vendors use ACT insurance. Annual coverage usually costs between $150 to $250. All of our vendors are required to carry insurance with a $3,000,000 general aggregate.
  • What is the MN ST19 Tax Form and why am I uploading this?
    In MN we don't tax most foods, but some we do, and in this case, the vendor is required to pay sales tax to the State. This form will talk you through this. The State does request these forms from time to time. With that, we are legally required to have these on file, and they must be renewed annually. This is helpful in determining how this form applies to you >> The MN ST 19 Tax form is here >> ​
  • Do I need to have a permit to sell food at your markets? If so, what permits do I need?"
    Do I need to have a permit to sell food at your markets? If so, what permits do I need? All food makers (packaged food, food trucks, ready-to-eat food vendors and cottage food makers) are required to have a permit to sell or sample foods at our markets. This table is helpful when determining how this applies to you >> In general, the most common type of permit for our market vendors is called the "Seasonal Mobile Food Vendor Permit" and it is from the City of Minneapolis. This document walks you through how to apply >> The other most common permit is the MN Cottage Food Permit. This permit allows you to make some types of foods from home and sell at our marketplaces. You can learn about this permit here >> ​ Farmers are exempt.
  • What supplies do I need?
    We require you come prepared with everything you need to vend. This includes, a hand washing station (if sampling), weights, your own tent/tables, commercial extension cords with at least 100 feet, chairs, signage, etc. You also must be prepared to park in our designated vendor parking areas. The market's logistics page will include this information, and it becomes available a few week's before the market's start date. All tents should be 10' x 10' in size. Vendors provide their own tents and weights. All tents must be properly weighted. Businesses cannot set up and sell without tent weights. You will be asked to vacate the market premises if you do not have these on your tent at all times. Wifi is not available. We encourage you to make use of your cell service. Xfinity subscribers may be able to log on to the Xfinity mobile network for wifi. We know from research that customers purchase more when the vendor accepts credit cards. There are several companies that have services to help you accept credit cards. SQUARE Card Reader is the most commonly used. PayPal is another. ​ Vendors often have access to electricity. There may be an additional cost. Your responsibility is to bring a 100-foot COMMERCIAL quality, outdoor extension cord to every event/market we host. We ask that you tape down your own cord with duct tape, especially those that cross public/pedestrian pathways. In some situations, vendors will be asked to provide their own generator.
  • Do I need a handwashing station?
    YES! More information is available here >> There are no exceptions, and you need the full set up. Vendors are responsible for the health and safety of your customers. Further, inspectors will be reviewing your arrangement and will fine you based on its use. Our managers take safety and sanitation very seriously, and if they see a problem they'll ask you about it and expect it to be corrected. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them.
  • What happens when I need to change my schedule or want to add more dates?
    Unfortunately, we do not reimburse for dates paid, and are unable to swap dates. If you need to cancel, please email the market manager. This allows waitlisted vendors a chance to register. If you'd like to register for additional dates you can do that through the market's registration page.
  • How do I learn about logistics?
    Visit our logistics page here. It will explain everything you need to know to vend at our market.
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