OUTDOORS / 9am to 1pm / May thru October 6


2813 WEST 43RD ST


Partnered with Minneapolis Craft Market

Credit cards accepted by nearly all vendors. ATM available at Dunn Bros on 43rd St & Vincent. 


Linden Hills Market Manager

Tel: 612 867 0854

Manager: Libby Wyrum



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INDOORS / 10am to 3pm / October 13 thru December 22


6024 Penn Ave S


Partnered with Minneapolis Craft Market

Credit cards accepted by nearly all vendors.


INDOORS / 10am to 3pm / October 13 thru December 22


6024 Penn Ave S



Partnered with Minneapolis Craft Market

Credit cards accepted by nearly all vendors.

application, policies

    & procedures

The below links provide our application and information on our policies.

Everything you need to know about becoming and staying a vendor with our market is right here.


For answers to our commonly asked questions go to our Vendor FAQ's page. 


Before reaching out to our market staff - we ask that you review the below information. 

set up/take down

Set up/load in begins at 7AM. We like to make our neighbors happy, and that means minimizing our load in/load out time.


Load out time begins at 1PM. Vendors must be out of the parking lot by 2PM. 


Vehicles are allowed in the parking lot during load in/load out. Please, please be aware of your surroundings and limit your unload time - as our space is supremely limited. We have upwards of 50 vendors every Sunday. This is always a time of chaos and we encouarage you to unload your car into your space, then park your car in the designated vendor parking lot.  


Vendor vehicles are not allowed to enter the market after 8:30AM. Vendors are not allowed to arrive on site and set up after 8:30AM. 



load in \ load out

stall location & size

+ Every vendor stall is 10' x 10' feet.

+ Stalls are first come - first serve to those vendors that have not reserved a stall for every Sunday of the regular season. A map will does not go out each week. 


what you need

to apply

To sell at our market you will need provide a few documents. This includes; 


+ a MN tax form, ST19. This is a sales tax declaration.


+ confirmation that you are licensed to sell food in the State of Minnesota and/or the City of Minneapolis. 


+ an insurance policy listing the Linden Hills Farmers' Market at (2813 W 43rd St Minneapolis, MN 55410) as a location where your insurance is in effect.


+ payment of your $30 nonrefundable application fee.


+ for more information on our application, what types of vendors we are looking for, and how to get started with us - check out our FAQs Page.

after you apply

Vendors are responsible for submitting all their required documentation prior to acceptance. 


After we've received your required documents our market manager will communicate with you about your dates and if you've been accepted. 


We are always reviewing applications and bring in new vendors every Sunday throughout our season. Because of the fluid nature of our marketplace - we have almost always have stalls available for new vendors. 


Please note, we are only accepting food producers and grower vendors at this time. Food trucks and ready-to-eat food vendors are welcome to apply as well. 

If you are a craft vendor, please apply at Minneapolis Craft Market





  • + According to our formal policy, a single no-show may mean forfeit of your stall for the remainder of the season. 


  • + We sometimes have walk-in stalls available. A call will go out early in the work week, and these opportunities are first-come first-serve. 


  • + Tent weights are required 100% of the time. There is absolutely no excuse for not weighting your tent adequately. VENDORS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE MARKET WITHOUT THEM.


  • + My job as a manager is to create a dynamic market place and to dispel the  monopoly seen at other farmers’ markets. That means there may be multiple vendors selling a similar product on the same day. This allows for customer choice and provides a sales environment more akin to what an up-and-coming producer may experience in a grocery setting.  This is may be unsettling at first. I encourage you to keep an open mind. 


  • + Our market meets every Sunday, rain or shine. Again, I refer you to the above listed no-show policy.


  • + In the case of inclement weather (thunderstorm with lightening and high winds) you will be notified of a market delay or early closing. Do not hesitate to contact me market day with questions (6128670854).


  • + Customer parking is at a premium. There is no street or lot parking available for vendors. Instead there is a dedicated parking lot within a block of our market. After you’ve unloaded, please park in the dentist office lot just off Upton, and adjacent to the Famous Dave’s. 


  • + Your location at the market may vary from week to week. We capitalize on an environment where customer energy and curiosity are heightened through exploration. Additionally, our unique layout - as designed by Shea Architects - makes use of corner stalls and supports customers walking past a stall no less than two times per visit. This type of layout was popular with customers. 


  • + NEED ELECTRICITY? EXTENSION CORDS! MAKE 'EM LONG, LIKE REAL LONG, AND OF THE COMMERCIAL/HEAVY DUTY KIND. You will need to provide duct tape to tape down your cords. 



new rules for 2017

+ We are now requiring vendors to manage their own market schedules and payments online. This schedule will be communicated to our customers. Please note there is no longer a requirement to notify management of schedule changes. Submission of your scheduling form is notice to management of changes to your schedule. ​ To change  your schedule please save your submission receipt email. A link within this email allows you to make changes to your schedule. 

+ Stalls are now first come - first serve to those vendors that have not reserved a stall for every Sunday of the regular season. A map will no longer go out each week. We will also reduce the number of logistics emails sent this season. This reduces our management time spent organizing vendors, and allows us to focus more fully on promotions and special event planning.​

+ Vendors are required to pay their stall fees in advance of their market days.

+ Market load in begins at 7AM.  Vendors are not allowed to begin set up after 8:30AM. Vendors arriving after 8:30AM may not be allowed to set up and sell. Vendor load out starts at 1PM. Vendors are required to vacate the space no later than 2PM - if not before. 


+ Vendors are now required to arrive into the market via the alley way at the rear of our market (not from 43rd St). This alley way is accessible from Upton Avenue and is situated between Great Harvest Bread and the restaurant Upton 43. This policy is effective for both load in and load out. For more information see the map below. 

+ Vendors are now required to exit the market during load in and load out via the exits on 43rd Street. For more information, please see our map below.

 resources to sell more 


The below links are provided to help vendors source items necessary to have a presence at farmers' markets. 

what's new for 2017 \ permits

 resources to vend at a farmers'market


Seasonal Food Permit - Is it right for you?

Are you a food vendor planning to participate in three (3) or more events  or farmers markets in Minneapolis from April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018?


Consider applying for an annual Seasonal Food Permit instead of a Short Term Food Permit for each event. The Seasonal Food Permit is replacing several licenses. The Seasonal Food Permit can be used at both events and farmers markets. 


The annual fee for a Seasonal Food Permit is $232. The fee for a Short Term Event Permit is $87 per event. Food vendors participating in three events save $29 with a Seasonal Food Permit. Beginning in 2017, the Seasonal Food Permit will be issued by the Minneapolis Health Department Environmental Health division. Formerly, licenses were issued by Business Licensing. 


The Seasonal Food Permit has been updated to make the application easier to understand and to complete. The application includes:

  • + A checklist that identifies the business categories requiring a Seasonal Food Permit.

  • + A checklist of the items that need to be submitted with the Seasonal Food Permit application. No more overlooked items!

  • + Four easy ways to submit the application and payment to Environmental Health: by email, fax, US mail, or in person.


Applications may be submitted any time during the year, but must be submitted at least 10 BUSINESS DAYS before the event or farmers market. To be approved for a Seasonal Food Permit, all mechanical refrigeration MUST be NSF or NSF equivalent. Seasonal Food Permit holders are NOT allowed to use ice in place of mechanical refrigeration for keeping potentially hazardous foods cold.


Food trucks licensed by the City of Minneapolis do not require a seasonal food permit.

Find the updated Seasonal Food Permit on the Civic Events webpage. (

Questions? Please contact Health Inspectors Janna Beard (; 612-673-3529) or Roee Reinberg (; 612-673-3851).