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We like to think our farmers' market helps you to the next place. We aim to make growing your business easier. Why? Because we believe in the entrepreneur, the little gal/guy and the dandy dream. We really like good food, too.


Because of our really cool market model, we host upwards of 300 vendors a year. And our market manager communicates with well over 800 prospective vendors each year. This is a lot of people, and although we aim to give you all the attention we can - this can be tough. That means that the below resources may come in handy when imagining your dandy dream. 



What supplies do I need to vend? 

Our market manager handles between 40 and 50 vendors each day, and market supplies are very limited. That means that we require that you come prepared with everything you need to vend. This includes, a handwashing station, weights, your own tent/tables, extension cords, chairs, signage, etc. You also must be prepared to park in our vendor parking lot. For information on our designated parking lot for vendors go to our Vendor Portal


Yes, we have electricity, and yes, it's available to vendors.

No there is no additional cost. Your responsibility is to bring a 100-foot COMMERCIAL quality, outdoor extension cord. We ask that you tape down your own cord with duct tape. 


If I sample, and/or make a ready-to-eat product do I need a handwashing station? YES!  

More information on where to find this is available at our Vendor Portal resource page. There are no exceptions, and you need the full set up.


What happens when I need to change my schedule?  

In 2017 we are making changes to how we've scheduled vendors. That means vendors will be managing their own schedules. No more contacting our market manager via email or text -instead you will pay for your stall fees in advance of your market attendance.  More information is forthcoming on this. 


I'm a new vendor to your market. How do I get set up on my first day of sales?

Our market is changing up the way we situate our vendors. This may be unlike how you've been organized into a marketplace before. In 2017, vendor location will be assigned first come, first serve every week. For those of you returning to our market - that means no weekly map will be sent out. Instead, when you arrive on site - you will be shown to your location. It's that simple.


Why are we doing this? 'Cuz each week our market manager was spending upwards of three hours organizing vendors. Instead our goal is to take those three hours and direct it toward marketing. Promoting you and our events is our market managers job one. This year we are putting that - and you - to the test! 


Will I be the only vendor selling a particular product, e.g. will I have the market cornered and all to myself? Nope. We aim to create a dynamic, ever changing and competitive marketplace. You'll often hear our market manager say, "we create a market, not a monoply."  What does that mean? We may have 3 salsa vendors, 2 switchel vendors and 12 farmers selling tomatoes at each market. We believe in offering our customers a diversity of product and brands, much like your local grocery store. Instead we encourage vendors to use their 100-square feet (10' x 10') of space to best showcase your products. In fact, in no other situation will you have this much space in a retail environment. Brand your space, think trade-show booth, home & garden show and boutique grocery store display. Use Pinterest as your muse. It's your job to tell our customers why you are different from the other gal/guy. Bring the fun! Be generous with samples, hone your sales skills and tell your story - a farmers' market is the best locale to be an entrepreneur. Go to town...ahem, market! This also changes how we accept vendors. Our curation is based on quality of product, and if you've got a strong point of view - interesting to our customers, they'll let you know and ask you to come back. Simple as all that. 


Do I have to attend the market every Sunday? Our market model allows for lots of flexibility. In fact, we discourage vendors from attending each and every market. Plus, who doesn't need a Sunday off every so often? Instead, we like that our vendor compliation changes up from week to week. It's simple - our vendor application allows you to pick and choose your dates of attendance. Please note, once you've committed to that date (and you've been accepted to vend with us) - we will charge you for that date.  We require 48-hours notice of any changes to your schedule. Furthermore, any no shows will be charged the regular rate, and any future dates may be crossed off our books, e.g. no show, no notice, no market for you ever again. We take this very, very seriously. 


How many customers does your market see each week? Weather challenges not withstanding, we see between 2500 and 4500 (event days) each Sunday. 


How much does it cost to vend each Sunday? This depends on what you sell. Farmers (meaning you grow 100% of what you sell) are $15 a day. Farmer Co-ops + Food Hubs (a group of farmers growing and/or selling together) are $25 a day. Packaged Food Producers are charged $30 a day. Food Trucks are $50 a day. Ready to Eat Food Producers are charged $35 a day. 


Can I apply if I don't have my >> insert any of the following here <<  State of Minnesota cottage food certificate, City of Minneapolis farmers' market permit, MN ST19 form, and/or insurance certificate? We prefer for your application to be completed - in full - before applying.  This lessens our organizational costs and keeps your market manager focused on promoting your products,  not filing your paperwork. And yes, everyone needs to pay our application fee. 


I'm a musician - can I play at your market? It depends. We don't actively recruit musicians during our regular season (May thru Oct.) market. However, if you'd like to play for customer tips - please contact our market manager, as space may be available. You should know our market sees between 3,000 and 4,500 customers every Sunday. Preference is given to those musicians that live in the area, and we do like to hear a sample of your work before giving you a slot. 


I don't sell food, instead I sell arts & craft wares and/or vintage items. Can I apply? Our holiday market is the place for you! Please ask to be notified about this opportunity below. Oh, and if you haven't heard of Minneapolis Craft Market - you should. 


I'm a nonprofit community organization - can I request a stall? It depends. Your best bet is to ask our market manager. Please note, we give preference to those organizations that support sustainable agriculture or are actively working on food and farming causes. Our market is real popular with vendors and unfortunately, we don't often have additional space. We do our best though.  


Can I share a stall? With our market model we encourage lots of cross promotion and creativity in merchandising. With that, we will often allow vendors to share their space and sell collaboratively. Couple things with this. Vendors will need to apply separately and carry their own permits. Also, vendors will be invoiced separately. Please note, vendors will want to request a corner stall, and that means the manager needs to be informed of this request.  



I don't know what kind of permits I need to sell my food product or produce. Where can I learn this?

This document is very helpful.



We require that all our vendors use social networking. Why do we ask for this? We all need to chip in to tell our story. The more we do this, the more times our story is told. The more eyes on the prize, the more feet in our marketplace. If you don't promote yourself, your products, your participation in our market - we are unable to support your time at our market. I'm sorry, but to keep our costs low - to reduce the amount of paid promotions we all need to pitch in. Plus, you'll sell more. This is the sort of businesses we bring into our fold: 


+ a strong presence on social networking. This allows our market to really shine promotionally.


+ businesses with a strong point of view and an excellent product or groups of products and/or produce. 


Got other questions? Have you done your homework & need different answers?  Please let us know below. But first, we encourage you to read through our PDF entitled, "Linden Hills Farmers' Market's Permits, Procedures and Policies" document right here. And yes, we will still communicate with vendors routinely. These communications include updates on vendor organization, upcoming promotions and information on relevant services unique to businesses like yours. It also includes tips on set up/take down and vendor parking. Please note, that everything else you need to know about being a vendor with our market is provided at our VENDOR PORTAL.


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