grow a farmer

    with your support, we are growing a  
strong local food shed. 

We know that small acreage farmworkers represent some of the most economically disadvantaged people in the United States. Participation in farmers' markets is costly for many families, yet selling direct to consumers is the best way to increase a farm's profitability. Our market and its nonprofit distribution model aims to reduce our vendors' costs. Our organization believes in lending a hand where we can, and reducing our farmers' stall fees is just one way we can support their bottom line. This is where you come in and we can't do it without you.


With your donation or sponsorship, we can offer:

Low and no cost stall rentals. Support our growers during times when the weather isn't.


Free and discounted market supplies. Providing promotional support and comprehensive marketing tools. And we are even developing an innovative online sales platform to better manage vendor inventory and help sustain relationships between buyers and sellers.  


These vendor services and marketing supports cost money, yet we believe this is the best way to manage our farmers' market. We must support our vendors in doing what they do best - build their businesses that feed us best. We want our farmers to focus on what they grow best - your food - not our invoice.   Your donation goes to these efforts, and we can do even more together.


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Make a contribution of any amount to support our mission. This is one of the simplest ways to give. We leave it up to you to decide how much you can best support our work. 


Our sponsorship profiles are designed to make the largest impact in the most coordinated way. Our community has consistently asked us to support our growers’ sustainability efforts, and with your contribution we can do that.