Holiday Gift Guide


Gifts for him

ANDA MPLS  is functional fashion for the everyday. From dignificed to fun ties, bowties and clips. Prices start at $9. Every Sunday thru December 21.  


 Gifts for

          the host


Red Clover Herbal provides seasonal CSA herbal shares of sustainably grown and wild-crafted herbs, thoughtfully handcrafted into an array of high quality herbal products. This New Old Spice Aftershave is terrific alternative to the petroleum based, chemical based products. All local, all organic.  Prices start at $5.

At Market 12/14/14 + 12/21/14. 

Gracie's Pantry is an homage to a sassy broad with a saucy history. Buying from Stephanie of Gracie's Pantry will get you a story or two about Ms. G herself. Not to mention, you'll walk away with jolly-ness in a jar. Try her Drunkin' Oranges over chocolate ice cream. Every week thru December 21. Prices start at $8. Every week.

French Nugget Fred Golchin is one half of FN and what a charmer he is! Stop by his stall for a remarkable bite of lavender chocolate, and walk away with a gorgeous jar of Herbes de Provence. Fred harvests his lavender from his family farm in France, and this is his own mix. Every week thru December 21. Every week. 

Week Two

Gifts for Food


Whistler Classic Soda is good, real good. Good like real sugar soda should be good. Vanilla cherry cola, root beer and strawberry ~ like the flavors of our childhood. $6 for 8 sodas. Nifty packaging and returnable, too. Adorbable and way local. Comes in a nifty 8-pack perfect for gift giving. Wrap in a bow and call it done. At Market  every week thru December 21. 

Broadfork Farm has been with our market from the very beginning. This season they are bringing on the heritage breed pastured pork. If you haven't tasted Berkshire - it's the best. Flavorful, marbled Individual cuts now available at $8/lb. Chops, bacon, roasts, ham, spare ribs, brats, sausage links and ground pork. 20# and 10# pkgs for $7.50/lb. (20# = $155, 10#=$75). Every Sunday. 

Last Minute 

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Petite Sweets has a holiday gift whoopie pie package available this weekend. Taste of the holidays in one package! A variety of their most popular holiday whoopie pies & bars packed into a gift box or holiday tin. 18 pieces. $25. Sunday, December 21. 


Barkley's Bistro  speaks dog. Gluten-free doggy treats are for the big and boldest of barkers or for the tiniest and timid. Smokey bones for that once-in-awhile treat or the Summit Beer Cheese Party Pack for when the pup buds come by - whatever you think will float your dog's holiday boat. Prices start at $6 each. Sunday, December 21. 


Linden Hills Spice not only lets you bring the spice home, but she wraps it up in a box. LH Spice has been a regular at our market as of late, and is as local as local can get with her two jars of blended spice, "Spice it Up and Smokin' Maple."  Gift giving ready in a red box with a silver bow and the price is $18.00. Sunday, December 21. 


Holiday Sparkle



Your Own


Serendipity Accessories  was born in 2004, as 2 neighbors in Linden Hills bonded over their mutual love for fashion and jewelry.With gemstones, pearls, chains and beads, Serendipity designs are bold, classic and a little sassy! Prices start at $15. Every Week.

Blue Ox Organics are both farmers + artisans. Make Your Own Wool Woven Scarf is excellent for beginners + experts alike. Knit one for a friend or  buy one + a friend could knit one for you. Prices start at $15. 12/21 only. 

Easy & Oskey is a flavor company that creates authentic, accessible experiences and products for the bar and kitchen. The Make Your Own Bitters Kit, delivers the thrill and taste of craft-made small batch bitters to the home and professional bartender and chef. Each kit includes 5 opportunities to impress your friends with your cocktail acumen. Prices start at $45. Available at Kitchen in the Market on 12/7/14 + Easy & Oskey on 12/21/14. 


 for Her

The Abbey Alpaca from raw fiber to yarn to finished scarves, hats, mittens, stuffed animals, sweaters, blankets and more. Ruth Kincaid know alpacas and stellar customer service. Purchase a felted hat + she'll makes sure it sits on your head like a cloud. Now who doesn't need that? At Market every week thru December 21. Prices start at $15. Every week. 

Pick of


Gracie's Pantry & Lovetree Farmstead Cheese have your appetizers wrapped up right.  Cranberry orange chutney combined with "Nature's Gift" cheese. Wrapped in and aged in birch bark this beauty of a cheese round is perfect with sweets and savories alike. Terrific as a hostess gift, too. Prices start at $8. Every week. 

Hart & Soul Herbal isn't just about gorgeous lotions and lovely scents. She knows a thing or three about coffee potions. Jungle Brew Iced Caffe Latte - Rare wild-grown Coffee Concentrate & Coconut Cream Infusion made with locally sourced ingredients. Add Irish Whiskey for a Jungle Brew Irish Cream. Perfect as a hostess gift, too. Prices start at $8. Every week. 

Vandalia Street Press where letterpress is better press - from individual greeting cards and packs to framed prints. These retro in feel gift tags are available in sets, too. Sunday, December 21. 


Comfort Candy knows a thing or seven about sugar - a talent this time of year or frankly anytime of the year. Vegan in compilation, dynamic in taste. Smores, turtles, salted, cupcakes and peanut butter cups. All packaged up + ready for easy gift giving. Starts at $2. Sunday, December 21. 


Broadfork Farm  has met all our pork needs this season. Heritage-breed Berkshire hams, chops, roasts, bacon and 20LB packs to boot. Makes a perfect gift for those carnivores on your list. Stop by for the porky goodness, stay for the pumpkin bread and apple pie. Sunday, December 21. 


Stocking Stuffers

Blue Ox Organics are both farmers + artisans. These adorable Felty Friends are handcrafted from on-farm reared sheep wool, hand sheared and hand made. Farmers are handy! Prices start at $15.  12/21/14

Bare Honey is a regular at our market. Dustin Vanesse + his wife Grace conceived of these sweet palm-sized bear Santas. Perfect for stuffing stockings.

Prices start at $3. 12/21/14.

Stirsby No two are exactly alike, and they are exactly what they sound like. Wood throughout, terrific angle edge for those tricky pot places. Made locally from non-first-growth hardwoods and scrap wood from a fine furniture shop. Each Stirsby comes with a label identifying the species of wood used from working end to the handle’s tip. Prices start at $10.  12/14/14.

Body Bliss  products are handcrafted in small batches with diligence and care using cold pressed oils rich in the safe, natural nutrients your skin needs.  Body Bliss products contain no petroleum-based substances, dyes, artificial fragrances, parabens or synthetic preservatives. Prices start at $5. At Market 12/7/14 + 12/14/14.

Rainbow Chinese Restaurant & Bar is a steadfast classic in the Twin Cities. Tammy Wong it's owner is with us every week, and her energy + enthusiasm for her delightfully packaged bites of heaven has you going home with three or more. Choose between her taro and sweet potato chips, or her tamarind bites and candied walnuts. You'll be sure to stuff those stockings with sugar plums of the local kind. Prices start at $5. At Market  every week thru December 21. 

Week One

You Betcha! Kimchi You Betcha Kimchi was started by two aspiring farmers in fall of 2013, Iman and Joe. The vision was to make a tasty Minnesota take on kimchi using local vegetables that they grew themselves. Want a gift that screams Midwest, but with a twist - this is it. Holiday special 3 pints for $20, 3 quarts for $33. At Market December 14. 

Yumzar & Mademoiselle Miel make buying local easy. Yumzar is your online farmers' market. Not only do they ship all that is great about Minnesota local foods, but they bring to us those items from a bit further afield. Mademoiselle Miel creates these lovely bon-bon like bombs. This charming, made-for-stockings local product combines cocoa, raw honey, vanilla, and chocolate into a “just-drop-it-into-hot-milk-and-stir,” one-shot cannonball of flavor appetizers wrapped up right.  Prices start at $3. Every week. 

Clover Valley Farms This is the liquor of the salad gods. From Duluth this farm produces the best vinegar we've had in years. In fact, it's the only locally crafted, fruit vinegar there is. Smart flavors, not too sweet and uniquely Minnesotan in tradition. Chefs are jazzed about this juice. Perfect as a hostess gift, too. Prices start at $8. December 21. 

Rainbow Chinese Restaurant & Bar  dips organic chestnut apples into housemade carmel sauce. These darlings are prepared just for our market. December 14. Prices start at $2. Perfect as a festive end of dinner bite. 


Oh Dip! is about small, honest, and curiously endearing gestures. Their funky, funny laser-crafted greeting cards say plenty so you don't have to. $4 each. Sunday, December 21. 


Bee Brews All natural soda syrups are made with Minnesota honey. Bee Brews are being buzzed about all around town. Ginger Lime, Lemon Honey with Rosemary 
and Orange Chai Spice available on December 21. 5% of profits are donated to the University of Minnesota Bee Lab! Sunday, December 21. Prices start at $13. 


Idlewilde Candles is a market manager favorite. Soy based and with smart, sassy scents such as tobacco caramel and wood smoke - these make gift giving tough. Yes, tough as you won't want to part with these lovelies. Thus, buy 2 or 3 or more. Sunday, December 21. 


A Manager Favorite

Week  Three

Horner's Corner  distills the best maple syrup in all the Midwest. No, really. We stand by this stuff. Stop by and sample this golden gift from some sort of maple god. Thankfully the alliteration is free. Whether it be A, B, C - it is just plain good. Oh, and the sweet red ribbons do much to help you avoid the dreading wrapping task. Prices start at under $10. Sunday, December 21. 


Lucky's  Did you know Lucky is a real guy? He is and he is the one sampling behind the table. You can get to know the guy with the tastebuds that make this stuff sing.  Our favorite is the Honey Mustard, but everyone has their own. Figure out which one is  yours. Oh, and for those with a deep love for hot sauce ~ Lucky's has the dreaded + much revered Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. Prices start at $4. Sunday, December 21. 


Olive Oil from the Farm  is a small company with a passion for olive oil. Single-source, cultivated and pressed by a single family. This is the real stuff, the real extra virgin olive-oil the smarties talk about. Swing by Jackie's stall for a taste, and walk away with the perfect gift for any person with taste. Prices start at $30. Sunday, December 21. 


Big River Farm has marvelous beans. Ok, maybe not exactly what you'd think as a perfect last minute gift ~ but think of a gift basket of all the makings of excellent soup. Post holiday and looking to the new year soup sounds sweet. Locally grown dried gourmet BRF beans, carrots, onions, celery, garlic + a swish of Olive Oil from the Farm - you've perfection in a bowled plate. Prices start at $1. Sunday, December 21. 


Gift Baskets


Isadore Nut Co.  has exactly the right flavor for most anyone on your foodie list. Healthy, way tasty and adorable in package - Tasya is the crafter of these mighty morsels. Samples given and goodness granted by those who gift the three jar pack. Flavors include  Zesty Lemon Rosemary, Cinnamon Spice and Cayenne Kick.  Sunday, December 21. 


Gentleman Forager    Everything Gent;eman Forager sells is sustainably harvested, typically using primitive means, in order to ensure the best possible quality while maintaining that natural resource for generations to come. Whether dried, fresh and/or cultivated it is good. We've got 'em and no other market does. Enjoy! Maitake, King Oyster, Shitake and Yellow Foot - all wonderful! 

Sunday, December 21.